Miyazaki GEO Steamer Pot 25cm for Gas & Induction All Purpose

Brand: Miyazaki Seisakiujo

Condition:Brand New. Specifics:Size: 25 cm (35.2 x 26.8 x 20.5 cm)Body weight: 2830gMaterial: Stainless steel (18% chrome, 8% nickel), aluminum alloy, aluminum, stainless steel (18% chrome) 7-layer constructionCountry of Origin:JapanCapacity: 3.4LFunction: The bottom pot can be used as a thin two-handled pot. ●Miyazaki...Read more

  • ¥15,800

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Brand New.

Size: 25 cm (35.2 x 26.8 x 20.5 cm)
Body weight: 2830g
Material: Stainless steel (18% chrome, 8% nickel), aluminum alloy, aluminum, stainless steel (18% chrome) 7-layer construction
Country of Origin:Japan
Capacity: 3.4L
Function: The bottom pot can be used as a thin two-handled pot.

●Miyazaki Seisakusho's Geo Product series, with TV's well-known Yukio Hattori as supervisor, was created in pursuit of a design and ease of use that everyone will like. ●The company has an established reputation for manufacturing highly functional and beautiful pots and kitchen tools, and since its establishment in 1960, it has been loved by many people, including professional cooks.
This product is a pot with a steamer function that is useful for making dim sum, chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), sekihan (red rice), and preparing rice cakes. The smart, easy-to-hold handle is characterized by its resistance to getting hot, making it perfect for steaming. If the steamer part is removed, the pot can be used as a regular pot, killing two birds with one stone. The lid and body are designed to adhere closely to each other, allowing cooking at a constant temperature and pressure due to the "water seal effect" that keeps steam inside in an airtight state.
●This cooking method minimizes the destruction of vitamins and minerals by heat and keeps the flavor of the ingredients. The design has no bumps on the rim or bottom of the pot, making it easy to clean.

Easy oven cooking
The pan itself turns into an oven, allowing you to bake a cake in just one pan. Also, the entire surface is made of stainless steel, so you can "put the whole pan in the oven.

Two ways to cook in the oven

Healthy frying with less oil
No need for extra oil as it bakes with the oil content of the ingredients

Slowly cook stews in the residual heat
Residual heat keeps the food soft to the core without losing its shape. The flavor also soaks in gradually.

Easy to cook rice over an open flame
Rice cooked over an open flame, as in the old days, can be easily and fluffy cooked. The time-consuming process of boiling the ingredients and then cooking them together with the rice can be done easily with just one geo.
Boiled eggs cooked without water
Boiled eggs with 50 cc of water and about 5 minutes of cooking

Cook asparagus in 2 tablespoons of water for about 2 minutes.

Anhydrous cooking is a method of boiling vegetables and eggs in a small amount of water, which allows you to enjoy the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Cooking leafy vegetables without water
Boil leafy vegetables with only 2 tablespoons of water

Cooking with less water allows more nutrients, such as minerals, to be retained.

Steamed dishes with concentrated flavor
Healthy cooking that makes the most of the ingredients