Thank you!

Thank you!

Dec 16 2022 0 Comments

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. 

Today, I want to say thank you to everyone for visiting Shoran Japan and for your continuous support this past year.

Shoran Japan was launched in November 2021. I have to say it has been an amazing experience dealing with all of you from many different countries. 

When planning to start this online business, the store category could be really anything. Home appliances, toys, character goods, car parts, and whatever the people would want to get from Japan. Then I asked myself "What is the ultimate value?" FAMILY, SMILE, LOVE, and TIME. Those things came right into my heart and from then it was a quite fast decision to select what types of products I want to carry in my store. 

Today, I am beyond grateful to have been able to connect with many lovely customers and to see you have a memorable time with your loved ones.

For our 1st anniversary, we are planning to make a photo album of our happy customers😊😆😄😋🤗🥰 Will make one begging of next year. Please send us some pictures of you enjoying the precious time with your friends and family / while cooking / your yummy dishes, etc (preferably with product you purchased from us). As many as pictures will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you again for being such lovely & happy customers with us😊


Thank you Henry san for the video clip. We loved seeing your happy gathering!



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