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If you have lived in Japan, or have Japanese neighbors, you might have seen 2 round-shaped objects with a mandarin on top of it around New Year.  It is called Kagami mochi, and is made up of two layers of round mochi (rice cake) topped with a mandarin.

Kagami” means “mirror” in Japanese, and it is often said that its shape resembles a bronze mirror, which was considered a treasure by the ancient Japanese. Two rounded small and large mochi represent ”Moon (yin) and Sun (yang)” and are also know to be representative of “husband and wife”. It is believed by double decking such noble items will bring good fortune into your home. The mandarin on top is called dai-dai and it is supposed to give hope and prosperity to the following descendants. All this makes Kagami mochi a very lucky charm of the New Year.

It's been strange, difficult and challenging few years for many, but there is also much to be thankful for too. I am thankful that I got to spend so much time with my family, playing games, having a BBQ, sometimes waking to the beach and so on. Let's stay positive and look forward to the better times ahead for us all. 

-Make It Memorable with Shoran Japan-


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