👘Shichi-Go-San (753) Traditional Japanese rite of passage 👘

👘Shichi-Go-San (753) Traditional Japanese rite of passage 👘

Oct 05 2022 0 Comments

Shichi-Go-San (seven-five-three) is a traditional Japanese celebration for the healthy growth of young children of 3 and 7-year-old girls and 5-year-old boys (though in some families 3-year-old boys also) held annually on November 15th. 

On this day, children make their debut at the local shrine wearing traditional Japanese clothes (Hakama and Kimono) and participate in a Shinto purification ceremony to pray for long and happy life, marking their passage into middle childhood.

This year, we celebrated our 5-year-old son's Shichi-Go-San. It was a bit early but we wanted to avoid the crowd and take our family photos at the beach (we are beach lovers!).


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