🐡 “Taiyaki” The Japanese Fish-shaped Pancake 🐡

🐡 “Taiyaki” The Japanese Fish-shaped Pancake 🐡

Jan 15 2022 0 Comments

A crispy, hot, and just sweet enough freshly made Taiyaki is loved by all generations in Japan. 

Taiyaki is a Japanese street food that is commonly described as a cross between cake and waffles and is usually filled with azuki (sweet red beans). 





“Tai” (red beam) is considered a symbol of luck and fortune in Japan because of its color, longevity, taste, and nutritional value. For that reason, they are often served on special occasions and celebrations. “Yaki” means “bake” in this situation.

The most common filling is azuki (sweet red bean paste) but you can also use custard, chocolate, cheese, sweet potato, Nutella, or whatever you like! You can also make them fluffy or crispy depending on the type of flour you use. Why don’t you make some with your favorite ingredients to treat yourself and your loved ones?

The picture is Taiyaki from our favorite shop Kamakura Naniwaya (鎌倉 浪花屋). I like them crispy and filled with lots of creamy sweet red bean paste!



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